Adrian Franks and/or Eco-action in 1998

claimed to be (contact for)

Earth First! France

Ploughshares France

Resistance Verte

Action Libre

claimed to be prominent
(but was not) in

Corparate Watch UK


Pax Christi UK

has been involved in

the ENAAT network

the Eurosatory Campaign

the Hot Spring Campaign

has been associating himself with

Quakers France

AMOK Maritiem

Global Action for Against Oil Industry, Geneva

has shown interest in



Shell Nigeria

BP Colombia

Exxon Saudi Arabia


Arms Trade:

ELF in Congo

Thompson in France


Animal Liberation

as possible future issues,
he mentioned:



Road Raging

Where was he when
(that we know of so far)

ENAAT meetings since Nov 1996

Earth First summercamp Scotland, summer 1997

Copex picket line, september 1997

ASEED week in Luxembourg, Dec 1997

Corporate Roundtable, Geneva, Feb 1998

Peoples Global Action, Geneva, Feb 1998

Environmental Ploughshares meeting, Oxford, April 1998

Animal Free Action Days, UK, May 1998

Hill Grove Farm picket line, UK, June 1998

Our deep troath says he claims to be a security consultant for:

a multinational oilcompany

British Aerospace,

Rio Tinto and a

a French defence manufacturer

Our deep troath says he produced internal documents on:


Oil Watch,

Earth First (anti-oil campaign documents),

Geneve-report on Corporate Roundtable,

Hot Spring,

People's Global Action,

Corporate Watch

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